Our Mission

The Labs with a Heart is a non-profit organization that was founded to create animal abuse and cruelty awareness, support non-profit rescue and advocacy organizations and fund medical and spay/neuter programs.

Our success and operation depend solely on volunteers and donations. Volunteers lend their time selflessly because of their love for animals and the desire to create a better life them.

We like to call ourselves "the paws with a cause," one cause...one focus...one effort...one happy ending...then we start again!

We look forward to your support!

"the paws with the cause"


By donating today you can help make a difference! Our donations are used to support animals in need of shelter, medical care, supplies, love & support!

You can even raise donations in honor of a loved one, celebrating a birthday by asking for supplies in lieu of gifts, or any special life event!

We assure you that your gift will be well-used and wisely spent. Labs with a Heart Organization is run entirely by volunteers and we work with local organizations to maximize our outreach - so we can stretch our funds to help even more animals.

Labs with a Heart, Inc. Donations will be tax deductible by governed guidelines and are greatly appreciated. Please click the link below to make a contribution. Thank you for your support in advance.

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